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  1. Alex Menzies, better known as Alex Smoke, will release a new album under a new name, Wraetlic. The Scottish DJ and producer has always had a moody edge to his music, but his new LP shows him getting more introspective than ever before. The self-titled album is a more stylistically open-ended affair than many of his past records, with IDM-inspired beats and his own broody vocals.
  2. Alex Smoke Presents Wraetlic: Alex Smoke Presents Wraetlic - Wraetlic (Album) 2 versions: Convex Industries: CONVEXLP UK: Sell This Version: 2 versions: H+P Wraetlic: Ad Absurdum ‎ (12", Album) Huntleys & Palmers: H+P UK & Europe: Sell This Version: Singles & EPs: CONVEX
  3. Glasgow’s Alex Smoke shrouds himself in his Wraetlic moniker for a brooding, dread-ridden debut LP. Stamped with all his signature techno-isms, the release sees more rhythmic experimentation and an influx of deformed, Gregorian chant-like vocals (alongside a distorted George Bush on ‘Refrain’).
  4. Alex Smoke - Wraetlic album flac download free. bmday. Search. Mark Gillespie - Sweet Nothing. Max Richter - Retrospective. Paulinho E Beatriz / Joshua Rainhorn - Wine & Cigarettes/Voce Tem. Teutonica - Die Sünde [2 Tracks] Ibrahim Tatlises - Imparator Silerde Geçer. The Shondes - The Red Sea.
  5. Nov 30,  · Alex Smoke is set to return with his first full-length since ’s Lux. Since , the techno producer has impressed both on and off the dancefloor. .
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