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  1. Mar 26,  · Krautmotors BMW R60 is an electric motorcycle You wouldn’t believe this classic BMW R 60/6, built by German customiser Rolf Rieck of Krautmotors, is actually an electric motorcycle. It’s a work of art and absolutely beautiful.
  2. Here she is with a tank I found on the eBay, bennelli NOS Sweet, just need to weld up some brackets and there we go Going with the classic cafe bars rather than clips, although I may change my mind later.
  3. Kraut Racing goes to MotoGP in Austin This was a very fun trip with our race team to see the world premier class of motorcycle racing in Austin Texas at the beautiful COTA Track. We rented a Lincoln Navigator with Philip Hale at the helm, passengers Marc Beyer, Frances Sayre, and Pablo Velazquez.
  4. BMX Bikes / Kraut – User: Kraut. Reset Text list Images list. Sort: + Post new. 9 items. Kastan Kex Pro Kraut 4 Auburn CRR Kraut 9 9. Robinson Pro Team Model Kraut 2 6. Auburn CRR Kraut 6 ELF Doublecross Kraut 6 .
  5. Apr 09,  · Frank’s Kraut Escape Words by Dutch · Category: Shed Builds Bike by · Posted on 04/09/ Taking the prize for funniest bike name of the month has to be Frank Schulte’s shed-built BMW R60/5, “The Kraut Escape”, but it takes more than a mirthful moniker to get your bike featured on The Bike Shed, we also expect a quality build.
  6. New holland tractor and John Deere tractor stuck in mud. Some places have very soft mud thats why tractors are stucking in the mud easily.
  7. The Kraut Tracker R75/ Luke Inazuma. Rolf Reick of Krautmotors in Heidelberg (Germany) BMW R Nine-T " Hommage" by Luis Moto. The Royal Diablo Racer. The Diablo Racer Classic style never fades: Royal Enfield twin by K-Speed The Stalin Trike.
  8. Jun 18,  · Boris Kraut, the former lead app maintainer for F-Droid, has announced in a recent post to the site's forums that he is leaving the project. Among the reasons cited for .

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