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  1. Jamming is important to both aircraft and ground forces, cloaking movements. Confusing the enemy: jamming pods are keeping pace with the development of radar systems, but they have to be carefully tuned and tested to avert disaster.
  2. Jamming definition at brokeasanplunolal.betcipigetithotapicumspenturnli.co, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  3. Jamming, in electronics, broadcasting a strong signal that overrides or obscures a target signal. Jamming of radio and television stations broadcasting from beyond borders may be carried out by a country that does not wish its citizens to receive programs from abroad.
  4. a person given to voluble, empty talk. an ancient Greek or Roman farce that depended for effect largely upon ludicrous actions and gestures. a check whose amount has been raised by forgery before cashing.
  5. Jun 05,  · Jammin' The common misconception is "to jam" or just keep on playing on an instrument, usually a guitar. Bob Marley sings the song " Jammin' ". That jammin' is to smoke up, puff the magic .
  6. In the United States, radio jamming devices (known as "jammers") are illegal and their use can result in large fines. In some cases jammers work by the transmission of radio signals that disrupt communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio. The concept can be used in wireless data networks to disrupt information flow.
  7. JAMMING ON TOUR. Tras 17 años de éxito en Madrid, más de funciones, todas distintas pero igual de divertidas, y más de de espectadorings, Jamming lleva 6 años con su show en gira por toda España, parte de Latinoamérica y Europa.
  8. Bob Marley Jammin Ooh, yeah! All right! We're jammin': I wanna jam it wid you. We're jammin', jammin', And I hope you like jammin', too. Ain't no rules, ain'.

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