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  1. "Don't Let Him Go" is my all-time favorite REO Speedwagon song. This song encapsulates everything that I find interesting about the '80s: great hooks and chorus, good production value, and /5(18).
  2. REO Speedwagon have been around for years and this is called The Hits. So its focus is predicable, its the big ones that people will usually have heard - mainly from the mega High Infidelity but also cuts from the other big ones which happened as a result of the fame from HI/5().
  3. And don’t let him go. He makes you so angry He makes you so sore The weight may be worth it But how can you wait anymore When you’re wonderin what you’re waitin’ for Baby I don’t know. But don’t let him go He just needs a chance to grow Take it easy, take it slow And don’t let him go Don’t let him go. Words & Music Kevin Cronin.

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